I'm Tyler A.K.A Posihdun,

An established artist from Edmonton, Canada.
I'm a product of the 90's who loves coding, tinkering, networking, modding and building web/mobile applications. If I'm not infront of the computer you will find me working out the right hemisphere through dance, drawing or music.

Focused and knowledgeable software developer.

I am always looking to combine my passion for dance and technology. In return I find myself always improving my skills in; software development, business intelligence, business analysis, team development and collaboration, community building, empowering the youth, networking and IoT

Git Repositories

Comfortable with multiple Git workflows, and I am able to push code and configure through to multiple environments.

Cyber Security Analytics

Knowledgable of current and emerging cyber security topics, including: challenges and risks, concepts and frameworks, and industry best practices.

Network Admin

Strong foundation of networking concepts, including Windows/linux networking protocols, firewalls, IPSec and SSL VPNs, routing, switching, and remote printing.

Programming Skills

Experienced with implementing UI designs using JS, CSS, HTML. Understand computer science fundamentals, algorithms, database models, data structures, and design patterns. Comfrotable with writing object-oriented code in Python, CPP, C# and Java.


Experienced in using Django, Angular, developing REST APIs, using tools such as Andaconda, Jupyter Notebooks, Tableau, Matplot, Pyplot, Postgres and MySQL.


Writen and maintained clear design documentation. Experienced working in Blender, 3DMAX, SketchUp, adobe(photoshop and illustrator) and GIMP.

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